Easy Summer Mojito

Easy Summer Mojito

Who doesn’t like to sit back, relax and slip on the refreshing taste of a cool Mojito? Maybe not the healthiest but it’s okay to treat yourself from time to time….

Here we will show you how to easily make a refreshing Mojito with just a few ingredients from your local store. First off the shopping list:

First start by getting a glass that can hold around 400ml (a standard glass will do!) and add 1 shot of white rum. Next take your limes and cut them into wedges, slices or both. Any excess from the limes can be squeezed into the glass to add flavour. At this stage we only want to add half the limes.

Now take around 5 – 10 mint leaves and add them to the glass, clapping them beforehand. Add the ice until around half the glass is full and add the rest of the lime. Take 2 teaspoons of sugar and add to the glass along with adding the rest of the ice.

Now fill the glass with the lemonade and stir.

You can use soda water but I prefer lemonade as it gives far more flavour!

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