Make Easy Money With

Make Easy Money With

Ever wanted to make some passive income online but don’t have a website? is set up so that you get paid every time someone clicks a shortened link. Meaning that all you need to do is post links in high traffic areas online to start seeing results.

Once you post a link that link will be there for life! Meaning it will have the potential to be making you money way into the future. The more work and links you post the more you will see in return. Below are some of the ways you can start earning through today!

1. Posting Links

The easiest way to get started with is to start posting links. Think of all the places online that allow comments to be posted. All the people asking questions or want to buy a particular product or service. To generate even more money you can pair your link with your affiliate link to fully monetise when someone is about to buy a product through your affiliate link.

Links start like this:



2. Referral Programme

Why not boost your earnings even more? By getting other people to join you earn money every time they do! pays you 20% of anything they earn for life! Let’s say, for example, your friends signs up through your referral link or banner and earns £1000 ($1,203.70)* then you will receive £200 ($ 240.74 )* just because you referred them. You don’t even need to ever post a link. As long as you have enough active referrals then you will keep earning passive income.

You can use your referral link like this:

Or you can use the banner ads that they provide:

3. Entry Ads and Pop-ups

Now if you already have a website and getting some views but no one is clicking any of your links then the Website Entry Script is for you! This mean that all someone needs to do is come to your website and your paid. Simple! No site interaction required. If they click on more links on your site then even better but better to get a guaranteed payment than nothing.

Be aware however that if you use any traffic exchange site like: HitLeap – Traffic Exchange to gain additional traffic then you risk getting your account banned as this is against there terms. However you can still direct traffic to your site that contains clickable links

4. Payment

Payment from couldn’t be easier because after your first payout of $10 (£8.31)* you then get the to be paid daily! Your limit also drops to $5 (£4.15)* that can be paid per day. What’s better is that payments are made via PayPal which can then be transferred directly to your bank account. CPM (Cost per mille) meaning the amount you get paid per 1000 views is around $2 – $3 (£1.66 – £2.49) on average. This would mean every click your links get they are worth $0.002 – $0.003 (£ 0.0017 – £ 0.0025). It doesn’t seem much but if you get daily payouts then you would only need to get 2,500 views per day to get $5 (at $2 CPM) so if you spread this over multiple links and reaching this number will be a breeze. Remember after someone clicks a link there is nothing stopping them from clicking another one. Make sure to utilise all or the majority of links on your site to make sure you generate maximum profit!

*based on Google Exchange rates at time of publish

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